1. What you have done, Odysseus,

  2.                   We know what you have done ...

  3. And that Guillaume sold out his ground rents

  4. (Seventh of Poitiers, Ninth of Aquitain).

  5.                  "Tant las fotei com auzirets

  6.                   "Cen e quatre vingt et veit vetz ..."

  7. The stone is alive in my hand, the crops

  8.                    will be thick in my death-year ...

  9. Till Louis is wed with Eleanor

  10. And had (He, Guillaume) a son that had to wife

  11. The Duchess of Normandia whose daughter 

  12. Was wife to King Henry e maire del rei jove ...

  13. Went over sea till day's end (he, Louis, with Eleanor)

  14. Coming at last to Acre.

  15. "Ongla, oncle" saith Arnaut

  16.        Her uncle commanded in Acre,

  17. That had known her in girlhood

  18.                   (Theseus, son of Aegeus)

  19. And he, Louis, was not at ease in that town,

  20. And was not at ease by Jordan

  21. As she rode out to the palm-grove

  22. Her scarf in Saladin's cimier.

  23. Divorced her in that year, he Louis,

  24.                  divorcing thus Aquitaine.

  25. And that year Plantagenet married her

  26.                 (that had dodged past 17 suitors)

  27. Et quand lo reis Lois lo entendit

  28.                 mout et fasché.

  29. Nauphal, Vexis, Harry joven

  30. In pledge for all his life and life of all his heirs

  31. Shall have Gisors, and Vexis, Neufchastel

  32. But if no issue Gisors shall revert ...

  33. "Need not wed Alix ... in the name

  34. Trinity holy indivisible ... Richard our brother

  35. Need not wed Alix once his father's ward and ...

  36. But whomso he choose ... for Alix, etc ...

  37. Eleanor, domna jauzionda, mother of Richard,

  38. Turning on thirty years (wd. have been years before this)

  39. By river-marsh, by galleried church-porch,

  40. Malemorte, Corrèze, to whom:

  41.                       "My Lady of Ventadour

  42. "Is shut by Eblis in

  43. "And will not hawk nor hunt

  44.                        nor get her free in the air

  45. "Nor watch fish rise to bait

  46. "Nor the glare-wing'd flies alight in the creek's edge

  47. "Save in my absence, Madame.

  48.                       'Que la lauzeta mover'

  49. "Send word I ask you to Eblis

  50.                         you have seen that maker

  51. "And finder of songs so far afield as this

  52. "That he may free her,

  53.                          who sheds such light in the air."

  54. E lo Sordels si fo di Mantovana,

  55. Son of a poor knight, Sier Escort,

  56. And he delighted himself in chançons

  57. And mixed with the men of the court

  58. And went to the court of Richard Saint Boniface

  59. And was there taken with love for his wife

  60.                                                 Cunizza, da Romano,

  61. That freed her slaves on a Wednesday

  62. Masnatas et servos, witness

  63. Picus de Farinatis

  64. and Don Elinus and Don Lipus

  65.                  sons of Farinato de' Farinati

  66. "free of person, free of will

  67. "free to buy, witness, sell, testate."

  68. A marito subtraxit ipsam ...

  69.              dictum Sordellum concubuisse:

  70.               "Winter and Summer I sing of her grace,

  71.               As the rose is fair, so fair is her face,

  72.               Both Summer and Winter I sing of her,

  73.               The snow makyth me to remember her."

  74. And Cairels was of Sarlat ...

  75.                                                       Theseus from Troezene

  76. And they wd. have given him poison

  77. But for the shape of his sword-hilt.