1. Et omniformis," Psellos, "omnis
  2. "Intellectus est."    God's fire.    Gemisto:
  3. "Never with this religion
  4. "Will you make men of the greeks.
  5. "But build wall across Peloponesus
  6. "And organize, and ...
  7.                          damn these Eyetalian barbarians."
  8. And Novvy's ship went down in the tempest
  9. Or at least they chucked the books overboard.

  10. How dissolve Irol in sugar ... Houille blanche,
  11. Auto-chenille, destroy all bacteria in the kidney,
  12. Invention-d'entités-plus-ou-moins-abstraits-
  13. en-nombre-égal-aux-choses-à-expliquer ...
  14.       La Science ne peut pas y consister.     "J'ai 
  15. Obtenu une brulure" M. Curie, or some other scientist
  16. "Qui m'a coûté six mois de guérison."
  17.               and continued his experiments.
  18. Tropismes!      "We believe the attraction is chemical."

  19. With the sun in a golden cup
  20.          and going toward the low fords of ocean
  21. Ἃλιος δ’ Ὑπεριονίδας δέπας ἑσκατέβαινε χρύσεον
  22. ὄφρα δι ὠκεανοĩο περάσας
  23.            ima vada noctis obscurae
  24. Seeking doubtless the sex in bread-moulds
  25. ἥλιος, ἅλιος, ἅλιος = μάταιος
  26. ("Derivation uncertain."     The idiot
  27. Odysseus furrowed the sand.)
  28. alixantos, aliotrephès, eiskatebaine, down into,
  29. descended, to the end that, beyond ocean,
  30. pass through, traverse
  31.                                         ποτì βένθεα
  32. νυκτòς ἐρεμνᾶς,
  33. ποτì ματέρα, κουριδίαν τ’ ἂλοχον
  34. παĩδάς τε φίλους. … ἔβα δἀφναισι κατάσκιον
  35. Precisely, the selv' oscura
  36. And in the morning, in the Phrygian head-sack
  37. Barefooted, dumping sand from their boat
  38. 'Yperionides!
  39.                 And the rose grown while I slept,
  40. And the strings shaken with music,
  41. Capriped, the loose twigs under foot;
  42. We here on the hill, with the olives
  43. Where a man might carry his oar up,
  44. And the boat there in the inlet;
  45. As we had lain there in the autumn
  46. Under the arras, or wall painted below like arras,
  47. And above with a garden of rose-trees,
  48. Sound coming up from the cross-street;
  49. As we had stood there,
  50. Watching road from the window,
  51. Fa Han and I at the window,
  52. And her head bound with gold cords.
  53. Cloud over mountain: hill-gap, in mist, like a sea-coast.

  54. Leaf over leaf, dawn-branch in the sky
  55. And the sea dark, under wind,
  56. The boat's sails hung loose at the mooring,
  57.                     Cloud like a sail inverted,
  58. And the men dumping sand by the sea-wall
  59. Olive trees there on the hill
  60.           where a man might carry his oar up.

  61. And my brother De Maensac
  62. Bet with me for the castle,
  63. And we put it on the toss of a coin,
  64. And I, Austors, won the coin-toss and kept it,
  65. And he went out to Tierci, a jongleur
  66. And on the road for his living,
  67. And twice he went down to Tierci,
  68. And took off the girl there that was just married to Bernart.
  69. And went to Auvergne, to the Dauphin,
  70. And Tierci came with a posse to Auvergnat,
  71. And went back for an army
  72. And came to Auvergne with the army
  73. But never got Pierre nor the woman.
  74. And he went down past Chaise Dieu,
  75. And went after it all to Mount Segur,
  76.      after the end of all things,
  77. And they hadn't left even the stair,
  78. And Simone was dead by that time,
  79. And they called us the Manicheans
  80. Wotever the hellsarse that is.

  81. And that was when Troy was down, all right,
  82.                  superbo Ilion ...
  83. And they were sailing along
  84. Sitting in the stern-sheets,
  85. Under the lee of an island
  86. And the wind drifting off from the island.
  87. "Tet, tet ...
  88.                    what is it?" said Anchises.
  89. "Tethnéké," said the helmsman, "I think they
  90. "Are howling because Adonis died virgin."
  91. "Huh! tet ..." said Anchises,
  92.                  "well, they've made a bloody mess of that city."

  93. "King Otreus, of Phrygia,
  94. "That king is my father."
  95.                          and saw then, as of waves taking form,
  96. As the sea, hard, a glitter of crystal,
  97. And the waves rising but formed, holding their form.
  98. No light reaching through them.