1. Revolution’ said Mr Adams ‘took place in the
  2. minds of the people
  3. in the fifteen years before Lexington’,
  4. That wd have been in Peter Leopold’s time
  5. to his Lordship the Count Orso and his descendants
  6. male legitimate and natural the administration of
  7. civil and criminal justice in the said place

  8. debt when the Medici took the throne was 5 million
  9. and when they left was fourteen
  10. and its interest ate up all the best income

  11. the first folly was planting factories for wool spinning
  12. in England and Flanders
  13. then England kept her raw wool, so that
  14. damped down the exchanging
  15. the arts gone to hell by 1750
  16. and Leopoldo cut down the taxes
  17. found there was ‘Un’ abbondanza che affamava’
  18. says Zobi
  19. Leopold cut down the debt interest
  20. and put the Jesuits out
  21. and put end to the Inquisition
  22. 1782
  23. and they brought in
  24. Mr Locke’s
  25. essay on interest
  26. but Genoa took our trade and Livorno
  27. kept treaty with England to the loss of Livorno
  28. that is to say Livorno trade took a loss
  29. Te, admirabile, O VashinnnTTonn!
  30. Livorno stuff went in Genovese bottoms
  31. because Tuscany kept her word and a treaty
  32. Voi, popoli transatlantici admirabili!
  33. saith Zobi, sixty years later.
  34. ‘Pardon our brief digression’ saith Zobi:
  35. America is our daughter and VashiNNtonn had civic virtues.
  36. and Leopoldo meant to cut off two thirds of state debt,
  37. to abolish it
  38. and then they sent him off to be Emperor
  39. in hell’s bog, in the slough of Vienna, in
  40. the midden of Europe in the black hole of all
  41. mental vileness, in the privvy that stank Franz Josef,
  42. in Metternich’s merdery in the absolute rottenness,
  43. among embastardized cross-breeds,

  44. But Ferdinando staved off an Anschluss and Paris exploded

  45. certain practices called religious’ said Zobi
  46. lack of experience in economic affairs
  47. Pius sixth, vicar of foolishness, no Jew God
  48. wd. have kept THAT in power.
  49. So that about the time of MARENGO the First Consul
  50. wrote: I left peace. I find war.
  51. I find enemies inside yr frontier
  52. Your cannon sold to yr enemies
  53. 1791, end of representative government
  54. 18th Brumale, 10th of November
  55. 14th. June, 1800 MARENGO
  56. Mars meaning, in that case, order
  57. That day was Right with the victor
  58. mass weight against wrong
  59. a.d. 1800
  60. interest at 24 to the hundred
  61. and as they say ‘commerce languished’
  62. 1801 the triumvirs wanted to go Leopoldine as was.
  63. A thousand of the old guard at Portoferraio
  64. and two million a year, one half of it
  65. reversable to the Empress
  66. from Elba
  67. for the mildness of the climate
  68. and the suavity of its denizens
  69. from an English frigate descended
  70. And Ferdinando Habsburg (but of the House of Lorraine)
  71. which is the true name of the clean part of that family
  72. got back a state free of debt
  73. coffers empty
  74. but the state without debt
  75. England and Austria were for despots with commerce
  76. considered
  77. put back the Pope but
  78. reset no republics: Venice, Genova, Lucca
  79. and split up Poland in their soul was usura
  80. and in their hand bloody oppression
  81. and that son of a dog, Rospigliosi,
  82. came into Tuscany to make serfs of old Tuscans.
  83. S..t on the throne of England, s..t on the Austrian sofa
  84. In their soul was usura and in their minds darkness
  85. and blankness, greased fat were four Georges
  86. Pus was in Spain, Wellington was a jew’s pimp
  87. and lacked mind to know what he effected.
  88. Leave the Duke, Go for gold
  89. In their souls was usura and in their hearts cowardice
  90. In their minds was stink and corruption
  91. Two sores ran together,
  92. and hell pissed up Metternich
  93. Filth stank as in our day
  94. ‘From the brigantine Incostante
  95. for a hundred days against hell belch
  96. Hope spat from March into June
  97. Ney out of his saddle
  98. Grouchy delayed
  99. Bentinck’s word was, naturally,
  100. not kept by the English. Genova under Sardegna. Hope
  101. spat from Cannes, March, into Flanders.
  102. ‘Not’
  103. said Napoleon ‘because of that league of lice
  104. but for opposing the Zeitgeist! That was my ruin,

  105. That I ran against my own time, turning backward’
  106. OBIT, aetatis 57,
  107. five hundred years after D. Alighieri.
  108. Not, certainly, for what most embellishes il sesso femminile
  109. and causes us to admire it, they wrote of Marie de Parma
  110. his widow.
  111. Italy ever doomed with abstractions, 1850, wrote Zobi,
  112. By following brilliant abstractions.
  113. Mastai, Pio Nono, D’Azeglio went into exile
  114. and so on the 30th of October Lord Minto
  115. was in Arezzo (I think Bowring had preceded) and the
  116. crowd cried EVVIVA
  117. Evviva the Tariff League
  118. and Minto yelled Evviva Leopoldo
  119. Evviv’ INDIPENDENZA, this was the new Leopoldo
  120. though Minto was for slowness and sureness.

  121. Lalage’s shadow moves in the fresco’s knees

  122. She is blotted with Dirce’s shadow
  123. dawn stands there fixed and unmoving
  124. only we two have moved.