1. ESPRIT de corps in permanent bodies

  2. “Of the same trade,” Smith, Adam, “men

  3. “never gather together

  4. “without a conspiracy against the general public.”

  5. Independent use of money (our OWN)

  6. toward holding OUR bank, own bank

  7. and in it the deposits, received, where received

  8. De banchis cambi tenendi….

  9. Venice 1361,

  10. ’62.. shelved for a couple of centuries..

  11. “whether by privates or public

  12. currency OF (O, F, of) the nation. 

  13. Toward producing that wide expanse of clean lawn

  14. Toward that deer park toward

  15. the playing fields, congeries, swimming pools, undsoweiter: 

  16. Sword-fish, seven marlin, world’s record

  17. extracted in 24 hours. 

  18. Wd. make the loan, sterling, eight hundred thousand

  19. if Peabody wd. quit business.

  20. England 1858


  22. is permitted for 50 years to dig up the subsoil of

  23. Persia.

  24. ’62, report of committee

  25. Profit on arms sold to the government: Morgan

  26. (Case 97) sold to the government the government’s arms…

  27. I mean the government owned ’em already

  28. at an extortionate profit

  29. Dollars 160 thousand, one swat, to Mr Morgan

  30. for forcing up gold.

  31. “Taking advantage of emergency” (That is war)

  32. After Gettysburg, down 5 points in one day—

  33. Bulls on gold and bears on the Union

  34. “Business prospered due to war’s failures.” 

  35. “If a nation will master its money” 

  36. Boutwell decided bonds shd. be sold direct by the treasury.

  37. Mr Morgan: contributions to the Republican Party, largely

  38. to the republican party.

  39. Beecher’s church organized by realty agents—

  40. Belmont representing the Rothschilds

  41. specie payment’s resumption

  42. “enriched a small group of holders.” 

  43. stock subscription (railway construction)

  44. seldom over 30 percent…

  45. in ’76 default 39% of the total

  46. that is 39 per cent of the 

  47. bonds for railway construction

  48. Said Mr Corey “there being no central institution

  49. as in London”

  50. Pujo investigation: Said Mr Morgan:

  51. “never sold short in my life

  52. having learned that a high degree of liquidity….

  53. 1907 “cd. not have been done without Mr Baker

  54. “we cdnt. have stopped it (the panic). 

  55. As to the government’s arms: they were bought by

  56. one government office before they had been sold

  57. (as condemned) by another ditto (i.e. government office)

  58. passing through a species of profit sieve.

  59. "A greek,” said Ionides or some other Hellene,

  60. “honest after he has cleaned up 20 thousand”

  61. meaning twenty thousand pund sterling.

  62. With our eyes on the new gothic residence, with our 

  63. eyes on Palladio, with a desire for seignieurial splendours

  64. (ÀGALMA, haberdashery, clocks, ormoulu, brocatelle

  65. tapestries, unreadable volumes bound in tree-calf,

  66. half-morocco, morocco, tooled edges, green ribbons, 

  67. flaps, farthingales, fichus, cuties, shorties, pinkies 

  68. et cetera

  69. Out of which things seeking an exit


  71. that he ply beyond pillars of Herakles

  72. 60 ships of armada to lay out Phoenecian cities

  73. to each ship 50 oars, in all

  74. 30 thousand aboard them with water, wheat in provision. 

  75. Two days beyond Gibel Tara layed I the wide plain

  76. Thumiatehyon, went westward to Solois

  77. an headland covered with trees

  78. Entha hieron Poseidōnos, against the sun half a day

  79. is seaboard marshland high-murmuring rushes.

  80. In that place great elephant herds

  81. and beasts many other amongst them

  82. So laid we house: Karikon, Gutta, Akra, Meli, Arambo

  83. These are the cities, then Lixos

  84. Pours down from out of High Libya

  85. The lixitae friendly cowboys and herders

  86. Up country be aethiopians living with untamed beasts

  87. shut in by the Lixtus mountain

  88. whereon are misshapen men swifter than horses. 

  89. Men of Lixtae came with us to interpret

  90. for 12 days sailing southward, southward by desert

  91. one day sailed against sun, there is an harbor

  92. with an island 15 miles in circumference,

  93. We built there, calling it Cyrne

  94. believing it opposite Carthage as our sailing time 

  95. was the same as from Carthage to the Pillars. 

  96. Past Xrestes, a great river, 

  97. a lagoon with three largish islands

  98. a day onward great hills end an inlet,

  99. Their folk wear the hides of wild beasts

  100. and threw rocks to stone us,

  101. so prevented our landing.

  102. Next is a river wide, full of water

  103. crocodiles, river horses, Thence we turned back to Cyrne

  104. for 12 days coasted the shore

  105. Aethiops fled at our coming

  106. Our Lixtae cd. not understand them. 

  107. 12th day rose the woody mountain

  108. with great soft smell from the trees

  109. all perfumes many-mingling. 

  110. Two days, the wide bayou or inlet

  111. Lay flatland above it busy by night with fires. 

  112. Filled our tanks, sailed 5 days along shore

  113. Came then West Horn, the island that closes its harbor

  114. And by day we saw only forest,

  115. by night their fires

  116. With sound of pipe against pipe

  117. The sound ply over ply; cymbal beat against cymbal,

  118. The drum, wood, leather, beat, beat noise to make terror.

  119. The diviners told us to clear. 

  120. Went from that fire fragrance, 

  121. flames flowed into sea, 

  122. Fearing and swiftly, the land by night decked with flame

  123. One pillar of light above others

  124. Scorched at the sky and stars

  125. By day this stood an high mountain

  126. That they call the gods’ carroch.

  127. By flame for three days to South Horn, the bayou,

  128. the island of folk hairy and savage

  129. whom our Lixtae said were Gorillas.

  130. We cd. not take any man, but three of their women. 

  131. Their men clomb up the crags, 

  132. Rained stone, but we took three women 

  133. who bit, scratched, wd. not follow their takers. 

  134. Killed, flayed, brought back their pelts into Carthage.

  135. Went no further that voyage,

  136. as were at the end of provisions.

  137. Out of which things seeking an exit

  138. To the high air, to the stratosphere, to the imperial

  139. calm, to the empyrean, to the baily of the four towers

  140. the NOUS, the ineffable crystal

  141. Karxèdoniōn Basileos

  142. hung this with his map in their temple.