1. Ma qvesto,” 

  2. said the Boss, “è divertente.” 

  3. catching the point before the aesthetes had got there;

  4. Having drained off the muck by Vada

  5. From the marshes, by Circeo, where no one else wd. have drained it.

  6. Waited 2000 years, ate grain from the marshes;

  7. Water supply for ten million, another one million “vani” 

  8. that is rooms for people to live in.

  9. XI of our era

  10. Story told by the mezzo-yit:

  11. That they were to have a consortium 

  12. and one of the potbellies says: 

  13. will come in for 12 million” 

  14. And another: three millyum for my cut;

  15. And another: we will take eight;

  16. And the Boss said: but what will you 

  17. DO with that money?” 

  18. “But! but! signore, you do not ask a man”

  19. what he will do with his money.

  20. That is a personal matter. 

  21. And the Boss said: but what will you do?

  22. You won’t really need all that money

  23. because you are all for the confine.” 

  24. Noi ci facciam sgannar per Mussolini

  25. said the commandante della piazza

  26. Popolo” said Cici “ignorante! 

  27. “And the worst of ‘em all is my “donna”

  28. (In the third year of his age)

  29. Where the Pope goes is lack of money

  30. Because of the mass of clerics 

  31. who bring cheques for the banks to cash, 

  32. And for these the banks must pay money.

  33. And you must know how they pay, and

  34. when and on what days there are markets 

  35. and in which seasons are the fairs, and

  36. when they need money in which where 

  37. and what are the rates of exchange

  38. (Messire Uzzano in 1442)

  39. To have shortage neither in time nor in place

  40. but to have money there ready

  41. for sailing of ships, wangles of merchants

  42. and for the due pay for soldiers

  43. both from commune or overlord,

  44. and you must work day and night 

  45. to keep up with your letters.

  46. Eleven hours the day, 32 centimes the hour 

  47. “And you stole it” 

  48. said the employer at Orbe

  49. After the boss had worn out his best only shoes.

  50. Monday 14th, in the morning.

  51. After six days in the training corps

  52. They sent him back to the front

  53. (documento)

  54. Geschichte und Lebensbilder

  55. Temperature of enormous importance 

  56. Erneuerung des Religiosen Lebens 

  57. more especially in mountain warfare 

  58. In den Deutschen Befreiungskriegen, by Wilhelm Baur;

  59. This remarkable work was presented 

  60. to the young Uhlan officer

  61. by her imperial majesty Augusta Victoria

  62. with a tender and motherly dedication 

  63. Renewal of higher life 

  64. in the struggle for German freedom, 19 hundred and 8, 

  65. in mountain warfare

  66. ordine, contrordine e disordine

  67. una pace qualunque

  68. social content to the war. 

  69. The young Uhlan was never out of uniform from his

  70. eighth year till the end of the war 

  71. contrordine e disordine 

  72. Trees, hedges of white thorn, toward San Casciano

  73. were stiff frosted with silver—

  74. 20 metres between the trenches

  75. “was identified as the hospital where Mussolini ... from

  76. photo in Corriere di Domenica, and then bombed ... 

  77. Feldmarschall Hindenburg in the imperial box 

  78. Heard for the first time Mozart and asked what the noise was

  79. all this god damned cultural nonsense.

  80. But Fritz’ father had kept the letter 

  81. That he, Herr Nvon so Forth, shd. back up 

  82. his, Hindenburg’s application 

  83. for a seven dollar per year increase in pension--- 

  84. fees due him for having participated in the 

  85. Battle of Waffenschlag, in the seventies or whenever. 

  86. Una pace qualunque. Over Udine ... 

  87. wd. have called that eagle a portent

  88. “Yes, sir, we will file that” 

  89. said the seventh under cat’s dogkeeper 

  90. when he rec’d the Hun ultimatum

  91. The rest being nacherly on french vacation ... 1914 

  92. “At any rate, he had the fleet out.”

  93. remarked Winston’s mama.

  94. “Never” said Winston to his cousin

  95. “waste time making munitions. 

  96. Be a GUN, and shoot other’s munitions. 

  97. Don’t waste time having ideas.” 

  98. (cousin deeply impressed .. but 

  99. did not achieve lasting preeminence) 

  100. in that world which M. Crevel has depicted 

  101. in the world of Esperanza, Primrose and Augusta

  102. of fat fussy old women and of fat fussy old men. 

  103. “Sure they want war,” said Bill Yeats,

  104. “They want all the young gals fer themselves.”

  105. That llovely unconscious world 

  106. slop over slop, and blue ribbons 

  107. “Pig and Piffle” they called it in private

  108. 10 pence per copy to make, 6 pence on the stands

  109. and each year 20 thousand in profits

  110. Pays to control the Times, for its effect on the market

  111. “where there is no censorship by the state

  112. there is a great deal of manipulation ...”

  113. and news sense?

  114. Cosimo First guaranteed it.

  115. To pay 5% on its stock, Monte dei Paschi

  116. and to lend at 5 and 1/2

  117. Overplus of all profit, to relief works 

  118. and the administration on moderate pay .. 

  119. that stood even after Napoleon. 

  120. Said C. H. “To strangle the bankers ...?” 

  121. And Woergl in our time? 

  122. To the Count de Vergennes. Paris, August. 1785

  123. Consumption tobacco, esteemed in francs 

  124. 15 to 30 million pounds, let us say it may be 24 

  125. delivered in ports of France @ 8 sous 

  126. 9 million 600 thousand 

  127. at the rate 6 sous to manufacture 

  128. 7 million and something 

  129. revenue to the King                     30 million 

  130. to the consumer                           72 

  131. expense of the tax in collection is therefore 

  132. say 25 million 

  133. presumptuous to assume 

  134. Twenty million frenchmen, 19 millions accursed, Mrs. Trist,

  135. In every material circumstance..... 

  136. Public debt increasing at about one million a year 

  137. You will see by Gallatin’s speeches.... 

  138. Saddled by bank, led by a bridle 

  139. National property being increased ... 

  140. must furnish adequate representation ... 

  141. all imported commodities are raised about 50 percent 

  142. Vol. IX. 337, Lands rose in a vortex of paper,

  143. not here where the banks do not reach 

  144. Mechanics get 1.50 a day 

  145. But are worse off than with the old wages.... 

  146. Independent use of our money ... toward holding our bank. 

  147.  Mr Jefferson to Colonel Monroe 

  148. 120 million german fuses used by the allies to kill Germans 

  149. British gunsights from Jena 

  150. Schneider Creusot armed Turkey 

  151. Copper from England thru Sweden ... Mr Hatfield

  152. Patented his new shell in eight countries. 

  153. ad interim 1933