il duol che sopra Senna 

Induce, falseggiando la moneta. 

Paradiso XIX, 118.


  1. An’ that year Metevsky went over to America del Sud 

  2. (and the Pope’s manners were so like Mr Joyce’s, 

  3. got that way in the Vatican, weren’t like that before) 

  4. Marconi knelt in the ancient manner 

  5. like Jimmy Walker sayin’ his prayers. 

  6. His Holiness expressed a polite curiosity 

  7. as to how His Excellency had chased those 

  8. electric shakes through the a’mosphere.

  9. Lucrezia

  10. Wanted a rabbit’s foot, 

  11. and he, Metevsky said to the one side 

  12. (three children, five abortions and died of the last) 

  13. he said: the other boys got more munitions 

  14. (thus cigar-makers whose work is highly repetitive 

  15. can perform the necessary operations almost automatically 

  16. and at the same time listen to readers who are hired 

  17. for the purpose of providing mental entertainment while they 

  18. work; Dexter Kimball 1929.) 

  19. Don’t buy until you can get ours. 

  20. And he went over the border 

  21. and he said to the other side: 

  22. The other side has more munitions. Don’t buy 

  23. until you can get ours. 

  24. And Akers made a large profit and imported gold into England 

  25. Thus increasing gold imports. 

  26. The gentle reader has heard this before. 

  27. And that year Mr Whitney

  28. Said how useful short sellin’ was, 

  29. We suppose he meant to the brokers 

  30. And no one called him a liar. 

  31. And two Afghans came to Geneva

  32. To see if they cd. get some guns cheap, 

  33. As they had heard about someone’s disarming. 

  34. And the secretary of the something 

  35. Made some money from oil wells 

  36. (In the name of God the Most Glorious Mr D’Arcy 

  37. is empowered to scratch through the sub-soil of Persia 

  38. until fifty years from this date ...) 

  39. Mr Mellon went over to England 

  40. and that year Mr Wilson had prostatitis

  41. And there was talk of a new Messiah 

  42. (that must have been a bit sooner) 

  43. And Her Ladyship cut down Jenny’s allowance 

  44. Because of that bitch Agot Ipswich

  45. And that year (that wd. be 20 or 18 years sooner) 

  46. They began to kill ’em by millions 

  47. Because of a louse in Berlin 

  48. and a greasy basturd in Ausstria 

  49. By name François Giuseppe.

  50. “Will there be war?” “No, Miss Wi’let, 

  51. “On account of bizschniz relations.”

  52. Said the soap and bones dealer in May 1914 

  53. And Mr Gandhi thought: 

  54. if we don’t buy any cotton 

  55. And at the same time don’t buy any guns...... 

  56. Monsieur Untel was not found at the Jockey Club 

  57. ...but was, later, found in Japan 

  58. And So-and-So had shares in Mitsui

  59. “The wood (walnut) will always be wanted for gunstocks” 

  60. And they put up a watch factory outside Muscou 

  61. And the watches kept time....Italian marshes

  62. been waiting since Tiberius’ time ... 

  63. “Marry” said Beebe, “how do the fish live in the sea.” 

  64. Rivera, the Spanish dictator, dictated that the 

  65. Infante was physically unfit to inherit ... 

  66. gothic type still used in Vienna 

  67. because the old folks are used to that type. 

  68. And Schlossmann

  69. suggested that I stay there in Vienna 

  70. As stool-pigeon against the Anschluss

  71. Because the Ausstrians needed a Buddha 

  72. (Seay, brother, I leev et tuh yew!) 

  73. The white man who made the tempest in Baluba 

  74. Der im Baluba das Gewitter gemacht hat ... 

  75. they spell words with a drum beat, 

  76. The country is overbrained” said the hungarian nobleman

  77. in 1923. Kosouth (Ku’ shoot) used, I understand 

  78. To sit in a café—all done by conversation—

  79. It was all done by conversation, 

  80. possibly because one repeats the point when conversing: 

  81. “Vienna contains a mixture of races.”

  82.    wd. I stay and be Bhudd-ha? 

  83. “They are accustomed to having an Emperor. They must have 

  84. Something to worship. (1927)” 

  85. But their humour about losing the Tyrol

  86. Their humour is not quite so broad. 

  87. The ragged arab spoke with Frobenius and told him 

  88. The names of 3000 plants. 

  89.     Bruhl found some languages full of detail 

  90. Words that half mimic action; but 

  91. generalization is beyond them, a white dog is 

  92. not, let us say, a dog like a black dog. 

  93. Do not happen, Romeo and Juliet ... unhappily 

  94. I have lost the cutting but apparently 

  95. such things do still happen, he 

  96. suicided outside her door while 

  97. the family was preparing her body for burial, 

  98. and she knew that this was the case.

  99. Green, black, December. Said Mr Blodgett

  100. “Sewing machines will never come into general use. 

  101. “I have of course never said that the cash is constant

  102. (Douglas) and in fact the population (Britain 1914) 

  103. was left with 800 millions of “deposits”

  104. after all the cash had been drawn, and 

  105. these deposits were satisfied by the

  106. printing of treasury notes. 

  107. A factory

  108. has also another aspect, which we call the financial aspect 

  109. It gives people the power to buy (wages, dividends 

  110. which are power to buy) but it is also the cause of prices 

  111. or values, financial, I mean financial values 

  112. It pays workers, and pays for material. 

  113. What it pays in wages and dividends 

  114. stays fluid, as power to buy, and this power is less, 

  115. per forza, damn blast your intellex, is less 

  116. than the total payments made by the factory 

  117. (as wages, dividends AND payments for raw material 

  118. bank charges, etcetera) 

  119. and all, that is the whole, that is the total 

  120. of these is added into the total of prices 

  121. caused by that factory, any damn factory 

  122. and there is and must be therefore a clog 

  123. and the power to purchase can never 

  124. (under the present system) catch up with 

  125. prices at large, 

  126. and the light became so bright and so blindin’ 

  127. in this layer of paradise 

  128. that the mind of man was bewildered. 

  129. Said Herr Krupp (1842): guns are a merchandise 

  130. I approach them from the industrial end, 

  131. I approach them from the technical side, 

  132. 1847 orders from Paris and Egypt....

  133. orders from the Crimea, 

  134. Order of Pietro il Grande

  135. and a Command in the Legion of Honour ... 

  136. 500 to St Petersburg and 300 to Napoleon Barbiche

  137. from Creusot. At Sadowa

  138.    Austria had some Krupp cannon; 

  139.    Prussia had some Krupp cannon. 

  140. “The Emperor (‘68) is deeply in’erested in yr. catalogue 

  141. and in yr. services to humanity” 

  142. (signed) Leboeuf

  143. who was a relative of Monsieur Schneider

  144. 1900 fifty thousand operai

  145.   53 thousand cannon, about half for his country, 

  146. Bohlem und Halbach

  147. Herr Schneider of Creusot 

  148. Twin arse with one belly. 

  149. Eugene, Adolf and Alfred “more money from guns than from 

  150. tractiles” 

  151. Eugene was sent to the deputies; 

  152. (Soane et Loire) to the Deputies, minister; 

  153. Later rose to be minister, 

  154. guns coming from anywhere

  155. but appropriations from the Chambers of Parliaments” 

  156. In 1874 recd. license for free exportation 

  157. Adopted by 22 nations 

  158. 1885/1900 produced ten thousand cannon

  159. to 1914, 34 thousand 

  160. one half of them sent out of the country 

  161. always in the chamber of deputies, always a conservative

  162. Schools, churches, orspitals fer the workin’ man 

  163. Sand piles fer the children. 

  164. Opposite the Palace of the Schneiders

  165. Arose the monument to Herr Henri

  166. Chantiers de la Gironde, Bank of the Paris Union

  167. The franco-japanese bank 

  168. François de Wendel, Robert Protot 

  169. To friends and enemies of tomorrow 

  170. “the most powerful union is doubtless 

  171. that of the Comité des Forges,” 

  172. “And God take your living” said Hawkwood

  173. 15 million: Journal des Débats 

  174. 30 million paid to Le Temps 

  175. Eleven for the Echo de Paris 

  176. Polloks on Schneider patents 

  177. Our bank has bought us 

  178. a lot of shares in Mitsui 

  179. Who arm 50 divisions, who keep up the Japanese army 

  180. and they are destined to have a large future 

  181. faire passer ces affaires 

  182.     avant ceux de la nation.”