Benozzo Gozzoli Pletone Cappella dei Magi medici ricardi

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Roxana Preda created the design of the critical apparatus and wrote the general annotation.

The names of further contributors are initialled within the glosses they formulated or edited.



Massimo Bacigalupo - general scientific coordination Cantos IV, VIII, IX, XII.

Walter Bauman - general scientific coordination Ur-Canto I;  I,  III, VII.

Eloisa Bressan - Provençal and Italian sources to: Three Cantos II, Canto II, Canto IV, V, IX.

Kenneth Haynes - Canto I

Peter Liebregts - Scientific coordination, glosses, sources - Three Cantos, Canto I, II, IV-V, VII, X.

Peter Makin - general scientific coordination: Cantos VI-XII.

Nicolo Maldino - Canto XI

Orla Polten - Three Cantos (glosses on classical references); Canto I Sources. 

Leon Surette - general scientific coordination Ur-Canto I, Canto II.