1. And thou shalt not, Firenze 1766, and thou shalt not 

        2. sequestrate for debt any farm implement 

        3. nor any yoke ox nor 
        4. any peasant while he works with the same. 
        5. Pietro Leopoldo

        6. Heavy grain crop unsold 
        7. never had the Mount lacked for specie, cut rate to four and 1/3rd 

        8. creditors had always been paid, 
        9. that trade inside the Grand Duchy be free of impediments 
        10. shut down on grain imports 
        11. ’83, four percent legal maximum interest 
        12. ’85, three on church investments, motu proprio
        13. Pietro Leopoldo 
        14. Ferdinando EVVIVA!! 

        15. declared against exportation 
        16. thought grain was to eat 

        17. Flags trumpets horns drums 
        18. and a placard
        19. VIVA FERDINANDO 
        20. and were sounded all carillons
        21. with bombs and with bonfires and was sung TE DEUM 
        22. in thanks to the Highest for this so 
        23. provident law 
        24. and were lights lit in the chapel of Alexander
        25. and the image of the Madonna unveiled 
        26. and sung litanies and then went to St Catherine’s chapel 
        27. in S. Domenico and by the reliquary 
        28. of the Saint’s head sang prayers and 
        29. went to the Company Fonte Giusta
        30. also singing the litanies 
        31. and when was this thanksgiving ended the cortege 
        32. and the contrade with horns drums 
        33. trumpets and banners went to the 
        34. houses of the various ambulant vendors, then were the sticks of the 
        35. flags set in the stanchions on the Palace of the Seignors
        36. and the gilded placard between them 
        37. (thus ended the morning) 
        38. meaning to start in the afternoon 
        39. and the big bell and all bells of the tower in the piazza 
        40. sounded from 8 a.m. until seven o’clock in the evening
        41. without intermission and next day was procession 
        42. coaches and masks in great number 
        43. and of every description e di tutte le qualità
        44. to the sound always of drums and trumpets 
        45. crying VIVA FERDINANDO and in all parts of the piazza 
        46. were flames in great number and grenades burning 
        47. to sound of bombs and of mortaretti and the shooting of 
        48. guns and of pistols and in chapel of the Piazza 
        49. a great number of candles for the publication of this so 
        50. provident law and at sundown were dances 
        51. and the masks went into their houses 
        52. and the captains of the ward companies, 
        53. the contrade, took their banners to the Piazza Chapel 
        54. where once more they sang litanies 
        55. and cried again Ferdinando EVVIVA 
        56. Evviva Ferdinado il Terzo
        57. and from the contrade continued the drumming 
        58. and blowing of trumpets and hunting horns, 
        59. torch flares, grenades and they went to the Piazza del Duomo 
        60. with a new hullabaloo gun shots mortaretti and pistols
        61. there were no streets not ablaze with the torches 
        62. or with wood fires and straw flares 
        63. and the vendors had been warned not to show goods for 
        64. fear of disorder and stayed all that day within doors 
        65. or else outside Siena. This was a law called 
        66. Dovizia annonaria
        67. to be freed from the Yoke of Licence 
        68. From October 9th until the 3rd of November 
        69. was unforeseen jubilation, four lines of tablet in marble: 
        70. Frumentorum licentia 

        71. coercita de annonaria laxata Pauperum aeque 
        72. divitium bono conservit 
        73. FERDINANDI 1792 
        74. refused to take with him objects of small bulk which he 
        75. held to be the property of the nation. Ferd III. 1796 
        76. that the sovereign be il più galantuomo del paese
        77. the citizen priest Fr Lenzini mounted the tribune 
        78. to join the citizen Abrâm 
        79. and in admiring calm sat there with them the citizen 
        80. the Archbishop 
        81. from 7,50 a bushel to 12 
        82. by the 26th April 
        83. and on June 28th came men of Arezzo 
        84. past the Porta Romana and went into the ghetto 
        85. there to sack and burn hebrews 
        86. part were burned with the liberty tree in the piazza 
        87. and for the rest of that day and night 
        88. 1799 anno domini 
        89. Pillage stopped by superior order 3rd July was discovered a
        90. treason
        91. in the cartridges given the troops 
        92. that is were full of semolina, not powder 
        93. and cherry stone where shd/have been ball 
        94. and in others too little powder 
        95. Respectons les prêtres, remarked Talleyrand 
        96. 1800 a good grain and wine year 
        97. if you wd/get on well with the peasantry 
        98. of the peninsula. 
        99. Premier Brumaire
        100. Vous voudrez citoyen
        101. turn over all sums in yr/ cash box 
        102. to the community, fraternité, greetings. 
        103. Delort 
        104. acting for Dupont Lieutenant General 
        105. Louis King of Etruria, Primus, absolute, without constitution. 
        106. taxes so heavy that are thought to be more than 
        107. paid by subjects of Britain. 
        108. Gen. Clarke to the Ministro degli Esteri
        109. Whereas the fruits of the Mount were the 2/3rds of the one percent 
        110. wherewith to pay all current expenses. Madame ma soeur et cousine
        111. I have received Your Majesty’s letter of 
        112. November twenty-fourth I 
        113. suppose that in the actual circumstances 
        114. She will be in a hurry to get to Spain or at least to 
        115. leave a country where she can no longer 
        116. stay with the dignity befitting her rank. 
        117. I have given orders that she be 
        118. received in my kingdom of Italy 
        119. and in my French States with honours that are due her.
        120. If your Majesty should be in Milan or Turin 
        121. before the 18th of december I should have the 
        122. advantage of seeing her. I am sending an officer my 
        123. aide de camp, General Reile who will deliver this letter. 
        124. He will be charged at the same time to take measures 
        125. for the security of the country and 
        126. to remove men who could trouble its quiet, 
        127. since I learn that Your Majesty has already thought necessary 
        128. to import troops from Lisbon
        129. My troops shd have by now entered that capital 
        130. and taken possession of Portugal 
        131. Wherewith I pray God, Madam my sister and cousin, 
        132. he be pleased to have you in holy and worthy keeping 

        133. At Venice, december fifth 1807 
        134. Your Majesty’s kind brother and cousin 
        135. NAPOLEON 
        136. (his secretary mixing the pronouns You, She, she all to Majesty) 
        137. And those men who ‘with bestial enthusiasm’ took horse place 
        138. were, says the much lesser Bandini, paid by the prefect 
        139. and beforehand prepared. 

        140. “Artists high rank, in fact sole social summits 
        141. which the tempest of politics can not reach,”
        142. which remark appears to have been made by 
        143. Napoleon 
        144. And ‘Semiramis’ 1814 departed from Lucca 
        145. but her brother’s law code remains. 
        146. monumento di civile sapienza
        147. dried swamps, grew cotton, brought in merinos 
        148. mortgage system improved 
        149. ‘Thank god such men be but few’
        150. though they build up human courage 
        151. And before him had been Pietro Leopoldo 
        152. that wished state debt brought to an end; 
        153. that put the guilds under common tribunal; 
        154. that left names only as vestige of feudal chain; 
        155. that lightened mortmain that princes and church be under tax 
        156. as were others; that ended the gaolings for debt; 
        157. that said thou shalt not sell public offices; 
        158. that suppressed so many gabelle
        159. that freed the printers of surveillance 
        160. and wiped out the crime of lèse majesty
        161. that abolished death as a penalty and all tortures in prisons 
        162. which he held were for segregation; 
        163. that split common property among tillers; 
        164. roads, trees, and the wool trade, 
        165. the silk trade, and a set price, lower, for salt; 
        166. plus another full page of such actions Habsburg Lorraine 
        167. His son the Third Ferdinando, cut taxes by half, 
        168. improved tillage in Val di Chiana, Livorno porto franco

        169. and this day came Madame Letizia
        170. the ex-emperor’s mother, and on the 13th departed. 

        171. ‘The foundation, Siena, has been to keep bridle on usury.’
        172. Nicolò Piccolomini, Provveditore