To IWP, 11 May 1923, Paris

L/HP 510

Dear mother


S Oiseau is preparing a de looks edtn. of Malatesta at 25 dollars a shot; with still more valued edtn at 50 bones, Strater at work on special capitals,

Samle page will follw [sic]  in due course. Several copies already sold.



To Kate Buss, 12 May 1923

L 256; SL 187


The three Mts. is following this prose series by a dee looks edtn of my Cantos (about 16 of ‘em, I think) of UNRIVALLED magnificence. Price 25 dollars per copy, and 50 and 100 bones for Vellum and illuminateds.

It is to be one of the real bits of printing; modern book to be jacked up to somewhere near level of mediaeval mss. No Kelmscott mess of illegibility. Large clear type, but also large pages, and specially made capitals. Marse Henry [Strater] doing these; and the sketches already done are A-1.

Not for the Vulgus. There’ll only be about 60 copies for sale; and about 15 more for the producers.


To Homer Pound, 19 May - 70 bis, N.D. de C. [Paris]

L/HP 511

Dear Dad


Edtn. de luxe of Cantos, planned. Marse Henry designing opulent capitals. Don't try to buy one, its too xpensive. Will send you one in the autumn IF it gets done. 


To Isabel Pound, 1 August 1923

L/HP 517


Cantos IX to XII are in July Criterion. Am revising the earlier ones for S Oiseau's edition.


To Dorothy Pound, 20 October 1923

Lilly Library Pound Mss. III Aug-October 1923



Had dinner with Soiseau and Stef, other evening; measured out number of lines of cantos, for dummy. Also Leger has approved the section of XVI that deals with his account of Verdun.



To Homer Pound, October 1923

L/HP 519


Have finished canto XVI, that is fifth after the Malatesta, having rewritten beginning of poem, and condensed three cantos into two.


To Dorothy Pound, 2 November 1923

Lilly Library Pound Mss., III Box 1

Murphy’s cinema machine on premises & piano due tomorrow. Read. Rubayat 2 vols. Mozart works.

Bill just in with some really be-e-yu-teeful paper for the Cantos.


Specimen pages from the de luxe edition were on show at Shakespeare & Co. November 22-29 (Moody EPP II:58).